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"As every thread of gold is valuable, so is every moment of time"

Democratize the $315B wine investment funds market

Investing well in alternative investments is difficult and time-consuming, with 1000s of choices. Vinito Capital Management (VCM) is building a live platform to help solve this problem with smart wine funds - transparent smart contracts powered alternative investment wine funds. VCM smart wine funds highlight the best funds available, with performance and blockchain proven past ROIs. Smart wine funds ensure that investors can pull their funds out at any time, and that fund managers don't have access to others' funds - they are not custodians. Fund managers can only make trades and are rewarded according to ROI performance, multiplied by internet-scale global crowd leverage.

Passion Wine Investing

Investing in wine doesn’t have to be complicated

VCM takes the complected out of wine investing to help you diversify and hedge your investment portfolio.

Investing, with flexible deposits and withdrawals

Want to invest with monthly deposits, a large lump sum, or both? Invest, withdraw, and invest again. Open multiple portfolios with different risk levels. Change the risk levels as you wish. After all, it’s your money, not ours

Wine funds with intelligent risk management

Different economic conditions determine how a portfolio should earn returns. Set the level of risk you’re willing to take, and your dynamic portfolio will always target the risk level you want by adjusting the assets in your portfolio.

Security, privacy

Next level in client security, VCM takes your security and privacy very serious. This is why we have developed our wine funds to offer even our most discreet clients the ultimate in privacy.

Personalised support

VCM believes in the power of building relationships that is why you will be assigned a personal wine advisor.

Lowest fees

We hate fees as much as you do that is why VCM is transparent with all fees. The only fees charged to wine fund investors is 5 percent per year.

VCM, precision and personalisation

You’ll get your own portfolio with a strategy designed just for you. We’ll personalise your portfolio, but remain objective and efficient so that we can put precision, protection, and peace of mind into every dollar you invest.

Over the last several years we have aggregated funds into personal wine investment funds with Vinito Wine Funds. We benefit from a personal service tailored to our needs, with regular updates on how each component of the funds are performing.
Mushahid Hussain
UBL Fund Manager

About VCM

Since inception, Vinito Capital Management team has been obsessed with searching for the most promising fines wines to build revolutionary investment vehicles for public and institutional investors. Raising wine funds of this size is a testament to the growing confidence in the alternative crowd investing market – which they have pioneered from the start – and their unique strategy of partnering with extraordinary partners to help them build successful global wine portfolio funds.

 VCM funds are designed to preserve and grow our clients capital, provide financial security for retirees, sovereign wealth funds, and other institutional and individual investors, and contribute to overall international economic growth. VCM is the world's leading crowd investing platforms for wine funds as an alternative investment. We seek to create positive economic impact and long-term value for our investors. We build and manage premium wine funds to help our clients reach their financial goals.

investment and Brokerage Services for investment grade wine. Bordeaux big 8, Romanee Conti Sassicaia, Lafite, Mouton Rothschild, Petrus, Haut Brion, Latour, ... Château Lafite Rothschild is a wine estate in France, owned by members of the Rothschild ... which in turn has come to push some Asian countries to the top of the list of worldwide markets in which investment grade wine is purchased.
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